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Created on 2010-05-05 20:16:40 (#509987), last updated 2015-08-11 (110 weeks ago)

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Name:Marvel Comics Femslash
Posting Access:Anybody
Community description:A place to celebrate all Marvel femslash pairings!
This community is for all things Marvel femslash: fanfic, fanart, icons and graphics, discussion, and more. There are only a few basic rules.

1. Respect each other. No flaming, and no character bashing. If you don't like a character, it's okay to say so. It's okay to say why. Bashing is not okay. This includes writing OOC behavior to make a character look bad. In a similar vein, it's okay to disagree with members, but it's not okay to insult members.

2. Label, tag, and warn! Fanfic should have a header that looks something like this:
Title: Title name
Rating: You can use the G to NC-17 system or something else, but please mark adult content clearly. Some of us browse from work.
Warnings/Kinks/Spoilers: If your work contains rape or character death, it must be warned. If you want to hide your warning so that people choose to see it, here is a good guide.
Word Count: It's courteous to give readers an idea of the length of your fic.

Fanart should also be titled, rated, warned, and list the pairing.

Please remember to tag your work. Look through the list of tags if you're not sure what to use.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact me via PM, or use my LJ PM at

Most of all, have fun!
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